Training fees and Classes

Field Sessions and Classes

Our Field Classes are run on a Prepayment stamp basis. Stamps are bought in advance, 1 stamp = 1 Class.

You have 8 weeks to use 5 stamps, so no need to attend every week.

Stamps can be used for Agility and Practical Obedience, attend whichever you like that week.

5 Stamps = 5 Classes

£ 55.00

10 Stamps = 10 Classes

£ 99.00

121 Field Sessions - Recall, Loose Lead Walking

£ 35.00

121 Field Sessions - Agility or Scentwork (Max 2 people)

£ 27.00


£ 7.50

Seminars 2 hours x 1 Person

£ 15.00

Seminars 2 hours x 2 People

£ 25.00

Workshops 1 Handler & 1 Dog

£ 20.00

Scentwork Classes x3 2 hour group sessions


Full Behaviour Support Package

£ 280.00

Mind On Track - 2 hour check up session for Behaviour

£ 75.00

Scentwork for Assistance






Training 121 - 1 Hour

£ 45.00

Puppy sessions x3 1 hour sessions

£ 85.00

Behaviour - Initial Consult 2 hours

£ 180.00

Behaviour Follow - up 1 Hour

£ 40.00

Sessions In Your Home

Training Fees

Agility, Practical Obedience, ScentWork & Smarty-Paws

NEW!!! Our Online Dog Training School is coming along nicely. You can now view our Webinars and FUNdamentals sections for a one off fee.




Why Agility?



Agility is my favourite thing, its brilliant fun, great exercise and bonding time with your dog. You can work agility at a level that suits you, if you just want to play on a weekend that’s fine, if you’d like to go out and compete that’s an option too and with so many local dog shows often having ‘have a go’ or mini competition sessions it’s easy to attend locally as well as nationally.



Agility is great for improving obedience, it can help with recall and contains much of it’s own obedience within the classes, afterall it wouldn’t be much of a competition round if you couldn’t to control your dog in off lead situations. Agility is a useful socialisation tool, meet other dogs, occasionally have a play with other dogs but most importantly ‘listen to your handler when other dogs are nearby’. Don’t worry if your dogs obedience isn’t great at the moment, we often have dogs who have weak recalls and get distracted easily, it’s all part of the agility training.




What is Practical Obedience?



Our Practical Obedience sessions are totally flexible, you can attend any session at the level you have graduated to or below. Everyone starts at level 1, you can move up the levels at your own pace, if your dog needs a little more time then there's no pressure. Equally if you and your dog are ready to move ahead then that is exactly what you do. You can move up through the levels as you progress, with no time constraints and you can attend any class at your level or below, so if you can't make your usual time but don't want to miss out you can easily choose another class.



If you have already attended beginner sessions with us you will be starting in level 2 or 3, just get in touch and I will let you know where to start.





ScentWork UK classes



Scentwork is a brilliant sport for all dogs, for puppies from 5 months to older dogs, dogs with disabilites can also join in.


We work towards the Scentwork UK Trials, so you always have something to work towards.


Find out more about Scentwork below.

For more information on our Scentwork classes and workshops visit: Jeni Mobile: 07958 501674 Copyright MyPetGets 2014 2014


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