Qualifications and Certificates

Courses / Seminars Attended



Chirag Patel - Increasing your Force Free Training Toolkit - April 2016

Chirag Patel - Understanding Dog Aggression - September 2016

MOOC - University of Edinburgh - Animal Welfare and Behaviour. Grade acquired: PASS - certificate to follow - July 2016

MOOC - Duke University w/ Dr Brian Hare - Canine Cognition and Emotion - December 2016



Currently Studying

VetFolio - Fear Free Veterinary Practice

Centre of Excellence - Canine Nutrition




Continuing Professional Development is really important to me. The dog world is making huge discoveries, especially it would seem, lately and it's so important that I keep as up to date as I can, for my own dogs and my clients dogs to offer the best professional advice that I can.


Below are some of the certificates, courses and sessions I have been on. In addition to a behaviour bookshelf that even Ikea struggles to cater for and regular webinar attendance, I also enjoy a subscription to Sarah Whitehead's Inner Circle for up to the minute behaviour, observation and training information.


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