Above image, Trigger, Sully and Zimba playing at the Blue Lagoon in Bletchley. Photography by Alison Stewart of Fur Buddies Photography

Positive Reinforcement Training for your Dog

More and more people are turning to positive methods of training their animals, positive reinforcement allows you to work with your dog as a partnership rather than against one another. Encouraging your dog to make the right choice for a reward provides a stronger basis of understanding than punishing the dog for doing the wrong thing. Often the dog just finds ways around the punishment which infact is detrimental to both training and your partnership.

We don't use any choke chains, shock collars, water sprays or any of the other negative tools used widely by dog trainers. We look for options and work with what your dog wants or needs in the moment of training. We try to get inside your dogs head to see the issues it faces and understand better what your dog expects from you/us.

Working with your dog can be so much fun, training should be fun for both of you. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Practical Obedience training in Levels 1-5

Puppy, young dog and new to training? Come along to our level 1 session. Work your way up through the levels of Practical Obedience we offer as it suits you, not because the course has ended. See more about our Practical Obedience classes.


Agility can improve your bond with your dog, it's fun and you have something you can go out and enjoy with your dog through the summer months.

Our classes work on Agility Levels 1-4 and you can move through these levels as it suits you.

Self Control  - Practical Obedience levels

  Jumping up? Running off? Stealing food? Lack of focus and drive in your training?

Our 6 week courses help develop behavioural training principals which you can apply to every day life, enhancing your partnership and control in high distraction situations

How our classes work

We run a pay as you go stamp basis. Buy your set of

stamps and come to either agility or obedience.

1 stamp - 1 class

5 stamps - £55 /10 stamps - £99

Unlimited access to all classes, workshops and webinars

£80 per calendar month.




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