Behaviour Consultations and Training

Qualified Behaviour Consultations and Training


Jeni is an Certified Canine Behaviourist and Trainer (INTO Dogs) and can provide training and consultations both in your own home and at our field in Wymbush.


Do I need training or behaviour help?



The difference between Training and Behaviour is a subtle one, training can be undertaken by many people, it involves the training of a direct cue, sit or walking on a loose lead, for example. Behaviour modification is the science of changing an existing behaviour to one mutually beneficial for the dog and owner alike. This focuses on helping the dog overcome the underlying problem, rather than training over the issue. Although some training is almost always involved finding the root of the problem is fundamental in making the change long lasting and giving your dog the best chance through understanding.


Behavioural work undertaken

Dog - Dog Reactivity Dog - Human Reactivity

Separation Anxiety Phobias

Resource Guarding Veterinary Referrals

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What clients say:


' I can't believe the improvement in his ability to mentally work through situations & ignore distractions in just a few short weeks.' - S







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